Do you Know? You are a Digital Marketer!

You are just like me, a digital marketer.

I spend most of my time surfing the internet and I know you are too.

Just difference is I surf Internet having purpose and You surf it with or without having purpose, I don’t know.

But you must have to do it on purpose.

Digital marketer is a person who is responsible for driving relevant consumers (Leads) with the goal of improving brand recognition, trust and ultimately drive purchase intent.

He/She will develop, implement, and manage marketing campaign to promote company and its product and services within the digital space.

Digital Marketer is doing work.

Simply says, a marketer is a person who identify the goods and services desired by a set of customers and conduct a marketing duties……

such as

  • push sales
  • introduce strategies
  • find new markets
  • grow the brand
  • publicize the product and services

…..of those goods and services on behalf of the company or organization. 

From above definitions, what we can see the common goals are – to find customers, grow brand awareness and publicise the products and services to make a sale.

How many of you are a digital marketer and in the digital marketing field?

Those who are in the marketing field, they perform all the above duties.

Those who are not in the field of marketing, they also are performing same duties knowingly or unknowingly in today’s time.


How all of you are doing the same duties in this digital age as of the professional marketer is doing ?

Let’s find the answer.

This is the time (age) of Digital.

Digital marketing is a medium of communication.

It has become like a language.

Do you think, you have a choice to learn english?

Big Big NO!!!

English forms the backbone of today’s global economy and there is no debate whether you should learn English or not, because you must learn it.

Though digital marketing may look like just one more subject and one more career option, it forms the backbone of today’s economy. Thus everybody should learn the Digital Marketing.

In today’s world, there is a smartphone or tablet in everybody’s hand. It is a demand of this time.

I am sure that most of you also use your mobile devices to interact and communicate using internet whether it is through social media like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, Telegram etc or it is through Email.

Forms of digital marketing you should know as a digital marketer.

May be some of you have your youtube channel, some of you enjoy a lot making short video on TikTok and some of you enjoy listening through Podcast.

Digital Marketing Social Icons

You are a Digital Marketer knowingly or unknowingly because you are using all type of digital marketing (content marketing) types:-

* Text


* Audio

* Video

Whether you use social media such as to post a selfie on Instagram, to post a family picture on Facebook, to put your view on Twitter, to share your experiences and story on Linkedin and to communicate through Email.

It’s a digital marketing and you are doing digital marketing.

You can show your talent of dancing, acting, singing through TikTok.

Sharing your views, create something new in your Youtube channel also a digital marketing.

This power is given to you by Internet to publish something that the whole world can see in the form of Digital Marketing.

Once you start observing how the behaviour of the people around us has changed because of the internet, You will see that digital marketing is everywhere and everyone is Digital Marketer.

Thus you are a digital marketer.

Now you know that you are a digital marketer as I already said knowingly or unknowingly. You are one of those:

  • 2.4 billion monthly active users in Facebook
  • 1 billion monthly active users in Instagram
  • 330 million active users in Twitter
  • 660 million users in Linkedin
  • 2 billion users in Youtube

This list will go on depending up on your active profile in the social networks and other form of digital media.

Digital Marketing Top Social Platform

Feeling proud of being part of such huge users?

If you are doing it in the right way having skill set of digital marketing then you should.

That is, you are doing it knowingly.

If you are doing it unknowingly, then you shouldn’t.

Because you are one of those who spend 2 hours and 33 minutes per day in social media (Source).

If you calculate supposing your lifespan at least upto 65 years, its comes 54,522 hours which is lots of hours wasted of your life time.

You know that time is money in this age.

That is why, you must learn the fundamental of digital marketing whether you are going to make it your core career or not.

You are doing it anyway in your daily life and you are one of the digital marketer.

If you learned the fundamental of digital marketing, even you didn’t make it as your core career, you can use the principles in any aspect of life such as marketer can influence their friends and family easily because they understand human psychology and how human react to the things.

Final Words

So Digital Marketer!!

Besides spending 2 hours and 33 minutes per day in social media of your lifetime…

….and becoming a digital marketer unknowingly.

Why not, you try to learn the foundation of digital marketing.

Use the learned skillset of digital marketing in another area of life or make a core career in the digital marketing field.

Digital Marketing is a demand of this time and there is huge scope and opportunity on it.

If you search on google the digital marketing jobs, you will be amazed by seeing the result of the search. There is thousand of a job opportunity with very good paying salary.

This marketing is booming and there is huge hole of professional marketer shortage in this field.

Therefore, you should learn the digital marketing skillset to fill that professional marketer shortage. Hence to make the economics theory works i.e. there should be always demand equal to supply.

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