Interesting facts to treat blogging business as a real business

Blogging business

Is Blogging business a real business or just a myth?

This question is very interesting and you will learn in this blog post, why blogging is a business. Why do you need to treat your blogging business as a real business? What is the similarity between blogging business and real business?

Before comparing the blogging business and a real business, let’s look at what is business.

A business that is real one defines as an organization that provides goods and services to the community in exchange for money. The business focuses on producing, selling, and making a profit.

This does not mean that all businesses are only money oriented. There are different types of businesses you can find depending on their goals, size, and structure of the company.

The blogging business is mainly a solopreneur business. It could also be organizational. Like businesses, blogging businesses also have different types depending on their goals and niches.

From many aspects, blogging can be considered a real business. Here in this blog post, you are going to learn a detailed comparison between them.

One of the strong aspects to consider a blogging business as a real business – is the characteristics of the business.  

Blogging business is a real business by Facts

Comparison between blogging business and a real business


Nobody can do all the business or there will no business that included everything. Every business has its target market, its target customer, and its target products and services.

Do you see one business doing or providing everything you need in your life?

Of course not, right? It’s because it is not possible. Advertisement agency does only advertisement-related business. A marketing agency does only marketing business. Products-based business does their selected product business. If you are doing restaurant business, and you want to add retail alongside the restaurant business. You will get success in none. When you try to catch two rabbits at one time, you will catch none.

In the same way, blogging businesses should focus on one topic, one specific topic so that you can get attention from your targeted readers. The topic in which you will create products and services for your blogging business is called NICHE. You have to laser focus on selecting your niche. Your niche decides whether you will succeed or fail in your blogging business. Like a real business, success depends on the selection of products and services after researching the market, demand, customer, and more.   


After selecting the business and its products and services, you will choose the name of the company. Then you will register your business on the related government registrar for legal compliance. Then only you can run the business in a particular area or country. In real business, you will pay the registration fee onetime at the time of registration.

For a blogging business, to run smoothly and get successful you also need registration. Without registration, nobody could find your blog on the internet. After selecting the topic i.e., the Niche of your blogging business. The next step is to choose your domain name like a company or business name in a real business.

Your domain name will be your business name so you have to take into consideration many things while choosing your domain name. Then you have to register that domain name in the domain registrar company available on the internet. Then only you can run your blogging business and everybody can find your business on the internet.


To run a business whether it is a small business or a large business-like factory, you need space for that. If you can, you will buy the space (in this case land or room), otherwise, you will rent the space. Because you need it and without working space, you cannot run a business even if it is a small one.

Hosting a company’s server will be your space in the blogging business on the internet. The hosting company where you buy the space keeps all your data and files in their servers and manages them. With the growth of the blogging business, like the growth of a real business, you need more space for your data and file. For that, you will upgrade your hosting packages.


Besides money and time investment, here in this section, you will learn is product investment.

To produce the products and services you have selected for your business, what you need is raw materials, machinery, etc. That includes many investments from transportation to production. You need to invest a lot in products because it’s the core of your business.

Blogging business products in your Content. Content is the core thus you should invest as much as possible in content production. So that you can make it like a real product – valuable, attractive, problem solver, original and unique. Thus, content investment in a blogging business is similar to product investment in a real business.


This is another important part of a successful business. With the growth of your business even if it is a small business, you need assistance to run continuously your business. For that, you need to hire a worker for your business.

Blogging business is a solopreneur business. It is run by you. If it is a solopreneur business then why do you need workers for this business? You may think. And this is right-thinking in one aspect. But with the growth of your blogging business, you will feel the necessity for assistance. It will be better and easier to make work done on time with assistance than alone.

In the blogging business, although there will not be co-workers with you physically like in real business. You can get help and assistance from content writers, virtual assistants, designers, videographers, and other freelancers so that your blogging business runs continuously without hurting your targeted customers’ expectations. With the help of such workers virtually you can scale your blogging business as large as you want.


Businesses start with marketing and end with marketing. It is the most vital part of any business. Marketing is the action, a process of promoting and selling products and services of your business by attracting customers with high-quality messaging. Marketing is a big topic so it is not possible to detail in this section.

What you need to know in this section is marketing is all about promotion, market research, advertisement, and finally selling. For that in real business marketing or traditional marketing, you will invest in brochures, hoarding boards, plates, and other messaging mediums.

For blogging business marketing like real business marketing, you need digital marketing, new innovative methods, and advertisement. Marketing is marketing whether it’s a real business or a blogging business. The purpose of marketing is also the same in both businesses i.e., selling the products and services. The process of marketing is the same too. Only the methods, medium, and ways are different.


Expenses in business include everything you need to run a business daily. This means miscellaneous expenses of your business like – stationary, electricity bill, water bills, internet bills, day-to-day expenses, and others. You need many other expenses in your business besides miscellaneous that come under this section. Without daily or monthly expenses, you cannot run your business smoothly.    

Similarly, blogging businesses also have many such expenses you need to invest in. Expenses for email marketing, digital marketing, and freelancing. Other recurring expenses include hosting packages, domain renewal, tools renewal, chatbot expenses, etc. The bottom line is – every business needs expenses daily, monthly, and yearly to run the business.

Blogging business is a real business by characteristics

Characteristics to be consider blogging business is a real business

Business earns money

First, you may already know that almost all businesses are built or run to make money whether it is service-based businesses or product base businesses. Business only makes money when they are in profit. That means after deducting all the money you have spent running the business what remains is the profit.

If you are not running your blogging business to make money, it is not business. You have to make it your source of income at some point. Your blog should make a profit sooner or later. Don’t take your blogging business just as a hobby, take it seriously and treat it as a real business. Otherwise, it seems like someone says he/she is in the music business because he/she sings in the shower where no one can hear.

Business is time-consuming

When you invest in your startup business, what do you expect? will get your investment back immediately? Real businesses don’t run like that because it’s not appropriate practice. Every business owner keeps the time frame for ROI (Return on Investment), mostly 4-5 years from the day the business has run. This indicates that making a profit from the business, takes time. All businesses are time-consuming.  

Similarly, the blogging business is also time-consuming. You will not make a profit or money from it if your just visit and write the post in a few months. Besides the posts you have to post on your blog regularly, writing – valuable posts takes more time. Depending upon your efforts, consistency, and marketing of your blogging business, you will make money from it. Normally it takes a minimum of 6-24 months to get some results.

Businesses can be sold

The main goal of all businesses is to make money. When someone offers the value you expected from your business, you can sell it, right? This means your business doesn’t necessarily depend on you. It can make money by providing value to customers by anyone. The bottom line is all businesses can be sold.

Your blogging business can be sold too. Domain flipping is one example of this. Where you buy a cheap domain. Maintain it with the content and sell it for more money. Not only domain, but you can also sell your blogging website along with the domain if you get an offer from what you expect from your blogging business. There are many examples of being sold blogs to millions. Only you need to build your blogging business in such a way that you can explain the purpose of the blog and why it’s worth money to the potential buyer.

Business success depends on continuous process

A single isolated transaction of trade (buying and selling) is not considered a business. Business is a continuous process. It should conduct regularly to grow and succeed. From production to distribution, from research and development to strategy improvement, businesses should continuously deal with these activities to increase profitability and then success.

Consistency is the key to success in the blogging business. You have heard these many times, am I right? What does it mean? It means continuity. Blogging business is a long-term business, not instant gratification. It is already mentioned above that it normally takes 6-24 months to get some results from your blogging business. Like a real business, blogging business is a continuous process of a long-term game.  

Business needs to be creative and dynamic

Creative and Dynamic

All the businesses are operated in the changing economic, social and technological environment. Thus, all businesses are creative and dynamic in their nature. And they have to be too to stand out from the competition. Creative & dynamic brings new and fresh ideas, approaches, and concepts to businesses.

Blogging is not just copying others’ content and publishing it on your own blog to make money. Unless you provide some value, problem-solving content, and incredible original, your targeted customer will not entertain your blog. You should be creative in your blogging business. From design to posting your content, from networking to replying to the comment in your blog post, you should be very creative and careful so that your customers won’t be hurt and get the full value from your blog. The fact is, bloggers are not only creative, but they are also marketers, sellers, educators, entertainers, and real businessmen.

Businesses should satisfy customers

In this modern age, customer satisfaction is a vital ingredient for businesses to get successful. Customers are everything to any business. They are similar to gods to businesses because there will be no business without customers. So, all businesses not only emphasize profit, they should also satisfy the customers by providing quality and valuable products and services at a reasonable price.

Blogging business solely depends on the readers i.e., your targeted customers. If nobody reads your blog what is the point of posting frequently on your blogging website? This is the reason you should from the beginning should take care of your targeted customers or readers. You should only write and posts what your readers like, need, and entertain. Your reader’s satisfaction is the key to gaining success in your blogging business.

Businesses should take Risks and uncertainties

If you can’t take risks and only like to sit in your comfort zone then you are not a businessman. You have heard it many times, right? It’s because risk and uncertainties are inseparable parts of the business. Predictable and unpredictable risks and uncertainties are always there in business. Businesses should calculate and manage these risks and uncertainties to ensure the success of the business.

The blogging business also has risks and uncertainties. Starting a blog is not a guarantee that you will get successful in your blogging. When you will get results and success from your blogging business, nobody can tell you. It solely depends on your efforts, dedication, and hardworking. Besides, the changing trend, readers’ behaviors, and needs will affect your blogging business. Thus, you have to be ready at any time for the risk and uncertainties. But know the fact that blogging is such a type of risk, in which you will mostly gain and lose nothing.

Final Words

Starting a blog and running it successfully is a different thing. Same as taking your blog as a business and treating your blog business like an actual business.

You can learn from many sources how to start a blog but not how to treat it like an actual business. What does it take to make a blogging business successful? Why treat your blog like a business? False hopes are everywhere on the internet for new bloggers that you can make a lot of money from blogs, you can make living from the blogging business, it is the source of passive income, etc.

It is possible only when you carve, build and run your blogging business in such a way that it builds trust, credibility, and authority on the way to providing value to your readers. It’s all up to you to make your blogging business successful with full power and dedication. Blogging is not part of a hobby in modern days, it is a real and actual business. Treat it seriously then you will have what you want from a blogging business.

Now, you have known the facts about why blogging businesses are considered actual businesses and why it matters.

Will you take your blog as a business or not?

Are serious about your blogging business?

Share your thoughts and views in the comment sections. It will certainly help your fellow readers.

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