Make your blog successful taking 1st step – blogging goals

Blogging goals

Blogging goals are the answers to your “BIG WHY”, i.e., why did you start your blog in the first place and what do you want to achieve from it?

Blogging goals are your companions in your blogging journey.

They are the pathfinder to the right direction of your final destination.

Blogging goals will give you focus, and clarity on the way to success in your blogging business. They will cut the unnecessary or irrelevant work.

My blogging goals are the creation of freedom lifestyles financially through digital marketing, especially through blogging and affiliate marketing.

What’s yours? You can mention it in the comment box.

In this blog post, you will learn:

  • Importance of blogging goals,
  • The mindset needed to set blogging goals  
  • SMART Framework or structure of your blogging goals,
  • Types of blogging goals
  • How to achieve your blogging goals and more……

Why do you need blogging goals?

You may listen to or watch the motivational video “The strangest secret” by Earl Nightingale. In that video, he talked for up to 30 minutes about why the richest land on earth (America) fails 95 people out of 100 and only 5 people out of 100 are successful. He has mentioned it’s because of goals. 

If someone asks you, why do you blog? What will be your answer?

If you know where you are going, what do you want from a blog? Your answer will be certain and you will answer in no time. Because you have set your goals and who have goals in life succeed.

The importance of goal setting in your blogging business can be illustrated by a simple example:

Let’s say you are lost in a metropolitan City and you don’t know which way to go among many paths. You are confused. Suddenly in your mind, “GPS” comes and you open your mobile. With the help of GPS, you reach your destination. Goals work the same as GPS in your blogging business providing the right direction to your destination (desired result) without wondering here and there and doing nothing.

Let’s take another example:

If a ship leaves a harbor without a destination and maps where to go, where will it go? 99% percent out of 100 it will reach nowhere or get an accident. Think reversely now, if the ship leaves a harbor with correct maps and a certain destination, the captain takes you to the destination within the estimated deadline or on time. Why is that, it’s because of goals. The ship with goals reaches in destination, and the ship without goals goes in vain or gets in an accident.

Importance of blogging goals pointwise

The importance of blogging goals

Everybody has to have goals in life and in business. Because when you work steadily towards your goals it becomes reality. Goals are your vision for your future, it is something you want to achieve in your life and business. That’s why the goal is often long-term, it’s your dream with a deadline. Goals are directly related to your life and career.

As you are starting your career in the blogging business, goal setting is the first step in your business to succeed in this line of digital marketing.

It doesn’t mean that you are going to set goals first in your blogging business only, but also you have to take goals setting as a first step in whatever you are going to do in life as already mentioned it is your future that is directly related to your life and career

Now, let’s summarize the importance of goals in points, why do you need them in your blogging business as well as other business? And most importantly in your life.

  • Goals help you say focused
  • It helps in overcoming procrastination
  • Goals give you the right direction
  • It keeps you motivated
  • Goals inform you, of your blogging content strategy
  • It gives you something to look forward to
  • Goals give you a yardstick to measure your progress
  • It helps you to see the bigger picture
  • Goals give you greater control of your blogging future
  • It sets a clear beginning and end in reaching your destination
  • Goals create an invisible barrier that will obligate you to take actions
  • It enables you to manage your time
  • Goals make your sub-conscious mind active on how to achieve your goals

The mindset, you need to adopt first in the blogging business

The title of this post said that blogging goals are your first step in making your blog successful, it’s 100% right and true. You have seen examples of why you need goals in the first place for your success in the blogging business.

But this sub-heading is saying mindset is the first thing. Don’t be confused, the mindset comes first in the blogging business before blogging goals. Blogging goals are the first step in making your blogging successful but the mindset comes first to start that blogging business.

You may have noticed the word “blogging business” throughout this post many times. Even this sub-heading has the same word – blogging business. This is the mindset you have to adopt first before starting your blogging business and setting your blogging goals.

You should adopt that blogging is not just writing your passion and interest or sharing your knowledge. It is a business. Blogging needs all the components that a successful business needs. Go through the post “Interesting facts to treat blogging business as a real business” to understand very well why blogging is business.

The second mindset you have to adopt or develop before setting your blogging goals is the job vs business mindset. If you treat your blogging as your job, you will never grow, if you treat your blogging like your business as you have understood going through the post mentioned above, you not only grow your blogging business but also get success to live a free lifestyle financially.

A simple example of a job v/s business mindset

Here is a simple illustration of what is job mindset and a business mindset.

Job vs Business mindset

From the above illustration, you have to know why you have a business mindset before starting your blogging journey and before setting your blogging goals. With goals set by a job/employee mindset, you cannot get the desired results and success in your blogging business. To learn about Job vs Business mindset more, you can visit the site and other many more on Google.

The Framework of Smart blogging goals

Now you have got the answers to the importance of blogging goals, and the mindset before setting your blogging goals. But what you have to understand is that although there is a lot of information on the internet about goals and goal setting. You have to follow the right framework, structure, or method. Because on the journey of blogging, you have to set many goals such as:

  • Traffic goals
  • Subscriber goals
  • Authority goals
  • Networking/blogging friends’ goals
  • Income goals and more

So, you have to be smart and follow the right framework which can give you:

  • Clear intentions towards your goals, not broad or vague goals
  • Sensible objectives that are realistic and achievable
  • Important work rather than unnecessary or irrelevant work
  • Clear beginning and end to adhere to in reaching your goals
  • Method to gauge your success by setting benchmarks to meet

The most used and recommended one – when it comes to goal setting in the blogging business, and other types of business as well as in setting life and career goals, – is the SMART Framework or method.

The acronym of SMART

It doesn’t mean, you have to be smart while setting goals. It is obvious you definitely have to be smart. But here SMART framework is an acronym for the specific, measurable, achievable/attainable, relevant, and time-bound. That is why it is written in Capital letters.   

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Like these, you can have many forms of questions about SMART goal setting. All of these questions answers are the same as SMART is the word of the same acronym. In whatever form, you get questions about SMART blogging goals in your blogging journey, you have to be ready to answer them. So, let’s get started with the answer. 

The Smart framework of goal setting

S for Specific

Be more specific while setting your blogging goal. I want to grow my blog, I want to grow my traffic, I want to make money from my blog, etc., are goals but not specific. These are general, ambiguous, and vague goals. Make a clear and specific goal that you can focus on and get that goal.

Specific goal: I will publish two new blog posts once a week.

M for Measurable

When you can see the progress toward your goals, it gives you more motivation and you become more focused. It is also said that if you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it. That’s why to find your “How to accomplish”, your goals should be measurable. You can have assistance with many tools (Google Analytics, Yoast SEO, Site kit by Google, Ahrefs, etc.)  for the measurement of your blog goals progress.

Measurable goal: I will reach my blog traffic of 1000 within 6 months.

A for Achievable

To make your goals achievable, you should research, and study your blog for a certain time. Based on the data you got within the timeframe you will be able to set achievable goals. If you only make fantastic and ambiguous goals that are not achievable. It will only disappoint you, demotivate you and maybe you can lose track in the right direction. So set goals that are doable and achievable with your knowledge and ability to win the blogging game.

Achievable goal: I will make $4000 from the blog in 2 years.

R for Relevant

Always set goals that make sense for your blog. Don’t go after what other bloggers are doing, choose your blogging goals based on what works for you and your blog. It will be also a waste of time and effort to set goals that will not meet your big picture of blogging. Set only those goals which help you to reach your desired destination of blogging.

Relevant goal: I will make content in video format too to reach new audiences.

T for time-bound/Timely

Another word for time-bound is a deadline. The time limits in achieving your blogging goals ensure that you take action to get things done. It creates pressure to achieve your goals. Time-bound also prioritizes more urgent tasks over not-so-urgent ones that automatically reduce your overwhelm of yours over blogging goals. If you don’t set a deadline for your goals, they will not be done on time surely.

Time-bound goal: I will prepare and design a lead magnet for opt-in by the end of this month.

For more SMART goals examples you can visit the blog from Hubspot.

Types of blogging goals

When it comes to blogging goal types, you can differentiate them in many ways. For example, you have seen (in this post above in the sub-heading “Framework of smart blogging goals”) different types of blogging goals. You can make them blogging goals types. Other ways are you can differentiate by business goals, brand goals, income goals, etc.

But in this post, you are going learn a very different approach to this topic. It is the easiest way to learn and understand the types of blogging goals.

You see, when you talk about blogging goals, there are mainly two types of blogging goals. These two types of goals of a blog include everything you needed to understand when it comes to blogging goals.

The first one is the goals that you can control. In other words, you can say it is a tangible goal. The second type is the goals which you cannot control directly means it’s not in your hand to achieve that goal with your efforts directly. It is achievable only when you achieve your tangible goals which are things under your control. In other words, you can say it is an intangible goal in blogging.

Unless you achieve your tangible goals, it will be difficult to achieve your intangible goals. They are co-related with each other. Hence, in beginning, you have to focus on the tangible blogging goals first which are under your control. Then only you should set the intangible goals which are not under your control directly.

If you are getting confused about what you are reading and learning on this topic of types of blogging goals. You will be clear and will understand with this example is only prepared for you.

Tangible Goals vs Intangible Goals

It’s time to achieve your blogging goals

You have got the right mindset for blogging as a business. The importance of goals in life and career you have already learned. You have got the right and perfect framework for SMART blogging goal setting. Now it’s time to achieve them.

Achieving goals in life and business is solely depends on you. It’s depending on your discipline, your habits, and your commitment. The process is very simple, you just have to be determined toward your goals.  

The key to achieving your goals is making progress toward your goal daily. That small improvement or progress gives you the fuel of motivation and excitement towards achieving your blogging goals. The secret of getting started is breaking your complex overwhelming goals into small manageable goals and then starting on the first one.  

In the blogging business, you have a long list of goals, big and small. It’s your duty to take the step to step toward your goals without being overwhelmed. You have to first analyze your goals. Then prioritize your goals based on their importance. And finally, create daily or weekly systems for staying in the right direction to your big goal.

The process of achieving the goals

Goal achieving process

The 80/20 rules apply everywhere. You can use it in achieving your goals too. It means if you spent 20% of your time setting your goals. Give 80% of your time in achieving them.

1. First find out the right goals for your blogging business. It will be your vision for the future. Where do you want to go? What do you expect from your blogging business? Why did you start your blogging? Write them down clearly and keep them in a visible place so that it reminds you daily.

2. If you try to multitask it will reduce your productivity. Multitasking makes you ineffective, kills your intelligence quotient, and put unneeded stress on your brain. The best practice to increase your productivity towards your goal is to break down your goals into smaller goals.

  • By setting yearly goals. For example, to have at least 400 email subscribers.
  • Then setting monthly goals. For example, post at least 4 articles in a month. Work on detailed guide posts, writing at least 4000 words a month on the topic.
  • And then setting Weekly goals. For example, turning at least one blog post into a video post.
  • Finally setting daily goals. For example, writing for the article at least 200 words daily, giving 30 minutes daily.

3. Prioritize your goals and put deadlines on them. As already discussed, you have a long list of goals in the blogging business from your vision to daily activities for your blog business. You should be able to separate the urgent/important goals and non-important goals to grow your blog smoothly.

4. Track your goals, and review them. Evaluate your strategies towards the blogging goals at the end of each month. Manage your goals like a boss. Develop the habit, attitude, and discipline like a system for those goals. Be consistent and determined. Make a commitment to reach specific goals timely.

5. Take a moment to celebrate in your achievement of a specific goal. It doesn’t matter whether the goal is small or big. It gives you motivation, self-confidence, and happiness. Re-visit your goals every year to analyze whether you are on the right track to your blogging business success.   

Final words

While setting blogging goals don’t be scared, be ambitious, and vision your future where you really want to be or want to become. Your goals should excite you, motivate you and make you like a hero.

Having the SMART framework, you should be able to tackle the obstacles that come in the way of achieving your specific goal and in reaching your dream goal. Because only setting goals is not enough, you have to achieve them. And on the way to achieving your goals, you will face lots of difficulties, disappointments, and obstacles.

Make the right mindset before setting your blogging goals. Develop a will-achieve attitude, and discipline no matter what happens on the blogging journey. Follow the method, make a system, and go for it.

I have mentioned my blogging goal in the beginning.

What is yours?

What are your plans to achieve your goals?

Write in the comment section.

GO FOR IT !!!!!!

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