The Best and Free Google Chrome Extensions for Bloggers

The best and free google Chrome extensions for bloggers

Google Chrome extensions are also known as Google Add-Ons. They are one of the best helpful and essential tools in your blogging business. It can add a wide range of extra functionality such as

  • blocking ads
  • optimizing chrome browser
  • password management
  • security
  • productivity
  • much more

You can perform your tasks easily. Streamline your workflow. Increase your productivity and get more results out of the website you visit.

Here in this blog post, you are going to learn from starting to the end. Starting means in this context:

What is the Google chrome extension?

Why do you need to learn the Google chrome extension?

What is the purpose of the Google Chrome extension?

And the END means,

You are going to learn the best and insanely used by digital marketers and bloggers – the free Google Chrome extensions. You will learn the ultimate list from A to Z the best and free Google chrome extensions in this post.  

What is Google Chrome Extensions?

Google Chrome extension is a small unit of software. It is a program that you can install into your Chrome browser to add extra functionality. This small program includes adding new features or modifying the exciting experience and behavior of the program itself to make it more convenient for the user.

This Chrome extension is created using web technology like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc. To be clearer about the definition of Google Chrome extension, Let’s look at the official statement from Google:  

” Extentions are small software programs that customize the browsing experience.They enable users to tailor Chrome (browser) functionality and behavior to individual needs or preferences. An extension must fulfil a single purpose that is narrowly defined and easy to understand. Asingle extendion can include multiple components and a range of functionality, as long as everything contributes towards a common purpose”

Why do you need to learn Google extension?

Google Chrome browser is one of the most popular browsers on the internet because of its secure infrastructure, account syncing, and impressive extension ecosystem.

Google browser is so popular among internet users that even a small country Nepal in Asia – Almost 90% of internet users use Google Chrome browsing. Here are statistics of Google browser internet users in Nepal as well as in the world.   

Browser Market Share in Nepal
Browser market share in the World

Source: StatCounter

Google Chrome offers a ton of flexibility and user freedom. Chrome extensions allow people to tweak their browser experience to their preferences. There are millions of Google Chrome extensions you can use to save your time and effort in your blogging business. More information in fewer clicks can obviously boost your productivity.

The use of Google Chrome extensions depends on the particular extension. Some extensions work in the background and perform a particular task automatically. Most extensions will also add small icons to the right of the address field in the browser. You can click those icons to access the functionality of the extension.

“Picture speaks louder than the word.” is the popular quote. Here also you are looking to look at the data and statistics in the form of pictures which tells you louder why do you need to learn Google Chrome extensions.

latest Google Chrome extensions statistics 2020

Source: TechACake

Latest Google Chrome Web Store Statistics

Google Web Store statistics Latest

Top 10 most popular Chrome extensions (2020)

Top 10 Google Chrome extensions

What is the purpose of Google Chrome Extensions?

Every digital marketer and blogger as well as an online business owner needs some extensions in their everyday browsing. From the definition of the Google Chrome extensions, You can clearly see the main purpose of the extensions is to add new features and functionality, security, and performance of your Chrome browser.

With being said that every chrome extension among millions is not safe to use. Too many extensions slow your computer as they capture the space in the memory of your computer. These extensions are developed by the people like you and you don’t know the intention of those people. Sometimes the extensions could be dangerous in terms of security and performance.

Therefore it is important to read the reviews. Look at the permissions. Are they official and/or non-official? Is it legitimate? as well as the developer’s profile or website of an extension before you install it on your device. Only installed what your need and which helps you in the daily work of blogging and digital marketing.

Although Google has launched their developer program policies from extensions to make it easier to spot dubious downloads and extensions. You have to also be careful when you install them. And also Google will warn you if you are installing is not considered “trusted”. There is no need to much worry as Google verify them and most extensions are safe. But again, you have to be cautious in installation, even though accidentally any mal-extensions install or updated in your system, will harm you.

The most popularly used types also show the purpose of the Google Chrome extensions in your daily digital marketing life.

Most Popular types of Google extensions

Most popular types of Google Chrome extensions

Free Chrome extesions for writers and publishier

Google Chrome extensions take the hard part out of your hard work.

As a digital marketer or blogger, you can benefit from a little help from Chrome extensions which will improve your functionality and aid in your work. Time management is one of the crucial abilities of a blogger like you. Chrome extensions help you manage it. Push you toward more productivity.

Depending on your tasks, you can choose among various extensions. Add them to the browser. Below are listed many Chrome extensions which you can use in your blog writing journey.

You got the extensions below only in list form not in descriptive form because whenever you go to the download page of Google. There is a Review of the extensions and some have also video descriptions. That will be enough for the use and purpose of that extension. Also, you can search on Google if you need a full description.

The only intention of this blog post is to inform you of the list of Chrome extensions that are very helpful and useful in your blogging and digital marketing business. A review of the extension will be enough for you to understand what is the extension about.   

Google extension for writer and publisher - URL Shortener

Google extensions for Blog SEO Free

Wappalyzer Chrome extension

Best Google extensions for Keyword Research

Ubersuggest keyword Research chrome extension

Free Google Extensions for Social Media

Rite Tage social media chrome extension

Chrome extensions for Productivity

Clickup productivity chrome extension

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Final Words

There are thousands of Chrome extensions available for almost every task. What you have to know is too many extensions slow your browser down and hog your battery quickly. Although the Google Chrome extensions help you in workflow and make your blogging life easier, you have to wisely choose only what you need in your browser. As you have known that there are only 25 popular extensions that have over 10 million users.

Did I miss any extension that you are using for your blogging business?

If So, Please let me know in the comment section so that other fellow bloggers would know them too.

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