The sooner you know Digital Marketing, The Better.

Digital Marketing is hot.

It’s a Media. It’s today’s trend.

If someone asked you describe the digital marketing in two words, How will you describe?

It is simple, traffic and/or leads, and conversion. Digital marketing as a whole is all about generating traffic and converting them to the Customer.

Can you imagine a business without Customer ?

Whether you are a big company owner with 100s of employees or a small village retail store owner. Can you imagine your business if you don’t have a customer?

Of course, not. right?

Every business whether it is a product based or service based and wherever in the world. Customer is the key factor to run or to success the business.

To acquire the customer, there comes a term Marketing. When it comes to Online, there comes a term Online Marketing.

The main goal of marketing is to generate or looking for customers. which can be converted into the potential buying customer so that you can sell a product or service of your business.

The way of generating Customer in digital marketing

So how do you generate or find that customer ? What that terms used in Marketing Sector to attract the customer?

Advertising !!!! Right?

Digital, Digital Marketing, Content Marketing, Advertising.

Traditionally what you were doing is advertising about your products and services in media like TV, Radio, Newspaper, Hoarding Boards etc which were other’s property.

You were advertising those media paying high amount of Money because there were the your potential customers or in marketing language, these were the places where your audiences were. That is :

Audience = Advertising

No audience = No advertising

For example, Where there is a mass of people such as football tournament, Cricket tournament, concert, Events, Mela etc. You can see lots of advertisement of the product and services of whom, pays the money as a sponsor.

This traditional marketing is still in use as you can see the advertising on TV, Radio, Newspapers and magazine and Hoarding Board, etc. But the effectiveness is relatively very less. People are transferring from:

  • TV to Netflix and Youtube
  • Newspaper and Magazine to Blog, Reports, Ebook
  • Radio to Podcast
  • Hoarding Board to Google Ads and Facebook Ads.

Besides the less effective, these media are very time consuming and can’t focus on the targeted audiences. you can not put your own content or material as you wish. They will edit it as per their convenience.

Now things have changed. You can create those ads by yourself in the digital marketing platforms that whole world can see because of the rise of internet. Your potential customers are all in the Internet.

You are a digital marketer. You are a Media now.

Media, Content, Advertising, Owned Media, Digital Marketing

This power has given to you by internet. Before the content was created somebody like writers, journalists, or publication house and the advertising was created somebody like business owner like you.

The Power of Digital Marketing

Now you owned those both – the content and the advertising in this digital world. You are as powerful as wall street journalist or Kantipur Publication House.

Just you have to create a authority blog or website, create a useful and valuable content and boom, you can put ad in you site and sell your product and services. It is as simple and easy as that.

Most of the business are moving from traditional to digital media because it is

  • cost effective
  • more interaction
  • lots of customization options
  • good campaign measurement
  • easy updates
  • powerful
  • returns good ROI

There are nothing big Media like Facebook and Google in terms of revenue and profit at this time.

and what businesses look for all the time?

Revenue and Profit. WALA, you got that being a media yourself along with those powerful digital media companies mentioned above to assist you to promote and advertise about your product and services.

Now you got the power of digital marketing. That is why, it is being said, the sooner you know the digital marketing, the better.

Digital Marketing is the marketing of today’s world. Who knows it and apply it to their business, they are becoming successful. As a result, you are seeing lots of examples of it around you if you noticed carefully.

Final Words

Running a successful business is not just about having a good quality products and services. It’s about leveraging the right kind of marketing techniques in order to reach out your target audience and convert them to the customer.

As a business or business owner, you have to make sure that you are a step ahead in the competition. You can not depend on just outdated marketing methods anymore. You need to look beyond and learn the digital marketing skill set so that you can leverage the latest digital marketing techniques to grow you reach.

Thus you can get most of your budget in return when you spend it in the right direction and right place. So the sooner you learn and gain the skill set and techniques of digital marketing, the better for you and your business.

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