The Secret Sauce to success in Digital Marketing

digital marketing logos resembles the ingredients of secret sauce to  success in digital marketing

Do you know the secret sauce to success in digital marketing?

You are seeing and hearing one word everywhere on Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, and all Social media nowadays, have you noticed, what is that?

Digital Marketing !

Internet Marketing !!

Online Marketing !!!

Am I right?

What do you think, why it is being so popular?

Why everybody is talking about it ?

You see, you are in digital age. The world is in your hand. Got it what I mean? Literally, You can see whole world through your that tiny device with the help of Internet.

The world is becoming digital and you are a part of it either you accept it or not. You can feel it by imaging what would happen if there is no internet and you have to spend your whole day without your mobile or Laptop.

Even they don’t know anything about digital marketing, if you need anything, your friend will say just google it or look on youtube. have you experienced it? My brother says a lot this sentence ” just google it.” This is the power of the internet nowadays. Whatever you need to see, watch, discover, learn, you have it on your hand.

Meet up for secret sauce to success in digital marketing

Not just people, business are now adopting the digital marketing. Their all customers are in the internet. Their competitors are in internet. Everybody are shifting to the digital either it is individual or business. Business without digital marketing will not survive in this age. Thus you must learn digital marketing and must leverage the digital marketing techniques and methodologies to stand on the competition.

In today’s world, It is the only way to reach your targeted customers. Digital marketing is budget friendly, Intractable, reachable globally, segment-able, effortless and much more. It is today’s form of marketing. Nobody can deny the fact that digital marketing is future of the marketing.

what really is the Digital Marketing and what’s the secret sauce to success in it?

Digital marketing is just another form of marketing. As marketing defines : – it’s an action of promoting product and services of business through market research and advertising. It’s a same action, only difference is, digital marketing involves the electronic devices along with internet.

There are many myths concerning digital marketing that

  • it is very vast marketing
  • it is very difficult to learn
  • there is no money in digital marketing
  • we can’t not believe in online etc.

But the truth is,

If you learn and understand the digital marketing, its market, scope and opportunity, You will amaze. The only booming marketing in today’s world with high percentage of growth rate is digital marketing.

In developed countries, people like Pat Flynn a digital Marketer has made $3 million over last six year and businesses like is making $6 million+ in just 12 months. These are a few example only. Most of them are becoming and have already become millionaire even billionaire by leveraging the techniques of digital marketing.

In developing countries, it has starts to grow creating lots of opportunities for the career seeker as well as for businesses to leverage its techniques to grow the business.

Now, you understood why most of people are talking about the digital marketing nowadays. That is why, I chose this topic of my blog post.

Are you Ready?

Cooking Sauce pot - presented to cook secret sauce to success in this blog

The digital marketing foundation(the secret sauce to success)

I am going reveal the secret sauce with all the ingredients to success in the digital marketing.

Most of the Digital Marketing Gurus used to said that

  • Firstly, you have to have a vision of what you do
  • Secondly, you have to have a passion for that vision
  • Thirdly, you have to have a mission to fulfill that vision.

That’s 100% true. You have to be a dreamer, have to have right goal. only you will execute properly with the full intention to achieve that goal, that dream.

This same principle is used when it comes to digital marketing. Digital Marketing is not the Money Making Machine. It’s not a get rich quick scheme. It’s take lots of dedications, time, hardworking, patience and also little investment for it.

By saying all this, my intention is not discourse you. But in reality that’s the truth. If you go through the top digital marketer biographies, you will see their investment in terms of time, hard work as well as money to reach that position.

Though, it takes time, efforts and investment, if you follow the secret sauce to success in digital marketing. You will see the result sooner than you expected.

The first important ingredient of the secret sauce is YOU.

All the digital marketing starts with you and your brand. Whether you are a solopreneur or business entrepreneur, when it comes to digital marketing first comes is you and your brand.

What you should be able to do is, answer these questions:-

  • Who are you ?
  • Why should anyone care about you?

As soon as you are able to answer these questions, you take first step in digital marketing. These questions are directly talking about you. Why should anyone care about you in the digital space if you and your brand don’t have

  • Identity
  • Authority
  • Value
  • Contribution
  • Solution

The Second important ingredient is your ASSETS.

Assets means in the digital world is not like physical assets like land, home, car etc. It is totally different from that. Your assets in the digital space is your popularity, your networking, your authority. It is said that ” Your network = Your Net worth ”

To make it simple, Here are the some examples of digital assets….

  • Blog/Website
  • Landing Pages
  • Email List
  • Followers
  • Funnels
  • Email Sequence
  • Content
  • Youtube Channel
  • Products
  • Connections

The third important ingredient is TRAFFIC.

Web Traffic is the your website users, your connections, your network, your followers. They are your potential customers. In other word, it is also called the Leads. This is the most important ingredient in the secret sauce because without customer, the business does not exist.

This is the reason you should focus more on acquiring the Traffic/Leads. You have to monitor them properly. The monitoring of traffic helps you to find out your:

  • site effectiveness
  • visitor’s time period on your site (Session)
  • marketing campaign impact
  • working pages in your site
  • traffic channels
  • site’s overall efficiency

The fourth important is your LIST.

The list means in digital space is your email list. This is one of the big assets in digital marketing. Maybe you have heard the saying ” The Money is in the List. ” However it’s not fully true. It is 90% true.

This is the list where you can promote your products and services offering value first principle. There are other method of Conversion but the easiest way to BANG the conversion of your traffic into buying customer is through your list. The list is also part of nurturing process of your potential customers.

Now you got the Sauce to success in digital marketing. it’s no more secret. so here is infographic of the Sauce with ingredients:

digital marketing success cycle, your secret sauce.
Source: Freedom Business Model / Siddharth Rajsekar

Final Words

Dedication, hardworking, passion, patience, consistency, time management you name it, are the major components of a successful entrepreneur as well as of the online entrepreneur.

You have to understand the myth and truth about the digital marketing. Knowing the core and/or secret sauce of the any business, you can start it and can get success on it. Digital Marketing is not apart from that. It is also a business.

There is nothing like get rich quick scheme in the world expect the Lottery. You have to learn it and earn it.

The main concept of this post i.e. secret sauce is, you have to find out the core component of your business. That is the key of your success in the business whatever business you do whether is Digital or Non digital.

Have a dream, Become a dreamer. Set your goal and find out the secret sauce to get your goal, your dream with full passion then nothing or nobody can stop you achieving your success in business and in life.


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